Infant support for Wompat

The infant support can only be used with the baby size Wompat Baby Carrier with a pointy sleep hood. Infant support can not be used with any other Wompat carrier size or model.

You can carry the baby at the front, the baby facing towards the parent. Baby should always be in the upright position. Carry a small baby high against your chest: baby's bottom at the same level with your belly button & baby's head close enough to be kissed. Carry the baby in an ergonomic M-position: baby's knees higher or at the same level as her bottom.

The instructions below are suitable for a baby under 2 months (3,5-5 kg / 7-11 lbs.). Attach the whole infant insert inside the Wompat carrier. Place the pillow of the infant insert into the pocket at the base of the insert. At the last picture you can see how the baby should settle in the infant insert. While baby grows bigger you can start using just the pillow under baby's bottom with the panel adjustment belt.

1. Attach the infant insert inside the panel of Wompat carrier. Open the buckles of the shoulder straps. At the upper edge of the infant insert are two elastic loops: put the shoulder straps through these loops. At the sides of the infant insert are two elastic loops: put the side buckles of the Wompat carrier through these loops. Fix the panel adjustment belt around the bottom part of the Wompat panel. Make sure the pillow is properly placed inside it's pocket.

2. Put the waist belt around your waist, as high as possible, and fasten the buckle at your back. Tighten the straps one at a time. If the strap feels stiff, hold close to the buckle and pull firmly. The waist should be quite tight but still feel comfortable for you.

3. Fix the buckles of the shoulder straps to their counterparts at the side of the panel. Adjust the black straps so that the buckle will be located about 10-15 cm from the end of the shoulder strap fabric. Leave the strap towards the panel looser.

4. Fix the small neck straps around the shoulder strap paddings by sliding the small buckles closer to the shoulder strap. The optimal location of the neck strap is between your shoulder blades at your upper back - not behind your neck!

5. The infant insert is now in it's pace.

6. Hold the baby against your chest. Guide baby's legs slightly apart. Baby can take her natural M-position. A very small baby often likes to keep her legs closer to each other.

7. Support the baby with your one hand and lift the panel up with your other hand. Baby's bottom should rest on top of the pillow inside the infant insert. Baby's legs will be under the panel in the natural M-position, baby's knees heading towards the parent.

8. Lift up the shoulder straps one by one. Support the baby with one hand on the carrier fabric.

9. Lift up the other shoulder strap as well.

10. Fix the small neck strap. You can bend slightly backwards so that baby will rest towards your body while you fix the strap.

11. Put your hands inside the carrier and inside the infant insert and guide baby's bottom into the base of the infant insert on top of the small pillow. Make sure the infant insert is located as low as possible inside the carrier panel: hold the upper edge of the panel & pull up and at the same time guide the infant insert downwards with your other hand.

12. Tighten the shoulder straps by pulling the black straps forward.

13. Tighten also the other shoulder strap. Baby should be resting snuggly against your body and there should not be any room between you and the baby. The Wompat panel is supporting baby's back. The padded sides of the infant insert should be against the sides of your body, and supporting baby sideways.

14. Legs of a small baby will stay inside the panel.

15. When baby grows she will be needing more room for her legs. In this picture the baby needs more room for her legs because her legs are resting towards the waist belt. Now it is time to adjust the panel narrower.

16. Use the panel adjustment belt around the panel to make the panel smaller/narrower. Pull both straps one at a time. If you are pulling both straps at the same time, they will not get tighter. Tighten both straps so that the panel will be symmetrical.

17. When baby grows her legs will naturally take more wide M-position and the legs will come out from the sides of the panel. Make sure there is enough room for baby's legs and tighten the panel adjusting belt more if needed.

18. Tighten the upper part of the panel under the sleep hood. This will give better support for baby's neck.

19. The panel fabric is supporting baby from the top to bottom and there are no loose sections of fabric. Baby's back is round and she is resting snuggly against you.

20. If needed tighten the "Perfect fit" buckles - baby will settle closer to you.

21. The optimal place for the neck strap is between the shoulder blades. The neck strap helps to keep the shoulder straps on place and away from your arm pits.

22. If more support is needed for baby's neck, you can use the padded upper section of the infant insert for that. Loosen the adjusting strap under the sleep hoodie first.

23. Fold the upper edge of infant insert under the carrier panel and place it behind baby's neck.

24. Baby's face should always be visible and her nose free - the nose should not be tightly pressed against you.

25. Ready!

26. Taking the baby out: open the neck strap. If you can't reach the buckle, loosen the shoulder straps a little.

27. Lay down the panel. Support the baby with your other hand.

28. You can also put the carrier on by sitting on a chair. Make the preparations according to steps 1-5 and place the carrier on your legs. Lay the baby in the middle of the panel, baby's bottom over the small pillow at the base of the infant insert.

29. Lift up the baby and the carrier and place them against your chest. Then put the shoulder straps on one by one. Support the baby all the time with one hand. Fasten the neck strap and proceed with steps 11-25.

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